l grew up in Maine during the 70s and 80s. My parents were part of ‘back to the land’ movement, emulating the Nearings. We lived in a tiny, hand-built cabin in the woods, without electricity or plumbing. Ahead of the times, they did organic farming and built a windmill for power (Tho l recall it only powered a light and tape deck).

lt was a beautiful way to grow up and gave me a huge appreciation for the natural world. Even if l did feel like a weirdo among my peers at school.

After high school l took photography classes at the Portland School of Art and Maine Photo Workshops and had a B&W darkroom for several years.

After leaving the darkroom behind in a move to lslesboro, l took up oil painting. l knew immediately that it was the perfect medium for me – the simplicity and endless form it could take made me realize that l could make it my life’s work without getting bored.

l am self-taught and having no formal schooling has made my process a bit chaotic at times, but has also kept my style independent of current fashion (which, l personally think is a good thing) And l wholeheartedly believe as Andrew Wyeth said, “One’s art goes as far and as deep as one’s love goes.” And it’s a waste of time to attempt to convey something if one doesn’t have genuine feeling for it.